The quintessential “Classic City” and home to the University of Georgia Bulldogs, Athens is an awesome place to visit and an even better place to live. The city gave rise to the likes of R.E.M., the B-52s, Widespread Panic, Of Montreal, and a number of other acclaimed artistic acts.

While the city of Athens does not have to contend with the volume of traffic endured by most areas around Atlanta, its roads are still no stranger to major car accidents. According to data provided by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Clarke County where Athens is located had 5,524 crashes in 2017, resulting in 1,919 injuries and six deaths. Of these tragic fatal accidents, three involved alcohol and one involved speeding, illustrating how negligent driver actions can lead to the most serious of consequences.

Those involved in car accidents in the Classic City may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, damage property, and other losses if another driver was found to be negligent. Proving driver negligence is rarely easy, but doing so can all but ensure that you can receive repayment for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, incidental expenses, and any permanent disability or disfigurement.

Working with an Athens car accident lawyer can decrease the stress associated with filing an injury claim and also potentially raise your chances of successful financial recovery. Your auto accident attorney will be able to strategize your claim, assemble evidence of your expenses, and point towards the negligence of other parties. They will also negotiate with insurers on your behalf, filing the necessary paperwork while helping you avoid common mistakes that can reduce your chances at recovering the maximum available compensation.

Know that you don’t have to pick up graveyard shifts at The Grill to pay for the costs of your injury after a major car accident. You have the right to file an injury claim with the help of an auto accident attorney in Athens, and if need be you can even turn that claim into a lawsuit that goes all the way to trial — whatever it takes to pursue the money you are entitled to from liable parties.

You can receive a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about the process of your injury claim and begin taking the first steps. Schedule your case review with a car accident lawyer in Athens today when you contact us online or call.

You Don’t Have to Graduate Cum Laude to Make a Successful Injury Claim With a Car Accident Attorney in Athens on Your Side

Whether you’re a freshman student or a veteran driver, the first few weeks after a car accident injury can be terrifying and confusing. You may not know what your options are for paying your

medical bills, and if you are missing work as a result of your injury you may find that financial hole just getting deeper.

Worst of all, third party car insurance companies will want to reduce your claim by as much as possible. They may dispute the extent of your injuries, the liability of their policyholder, or how much your losses truly add up to. Many times, they will simply throw a settlement offer your way and hope you sign a release without fully realizing how much more you could potentially be entitled to.

Don’t get caught off guard by these tactics! A personal injury lawyer in Athens can act as your coach, your confidant, and your study buddy as you prepare a personal injury claim that accounts for 100% of your losses and that avoids common pitfalls.

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Your attorney will help you have all the right answers and put you on the path to building a strong injury claim through all of the needed paperwork and evidence. You can file a claim that shows all your work, documenting your expenses and projecting future costs of medical treatment and related expenses using trusted sources as well as case law.

Find out how to put a bulldog in your corner when you reach out to Athens car accident lawyers today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation. There is no such thing as automatic justice for the people, so contact us today online to get started with the necessary legal work needed to put your claim on the fast track and give it the maximum chances of victory.