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What is probate?

Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate. The probate process ensures that their assets are distributed according to their wishes or applicable state laws.
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Types of probate

There are two main types of probate: formal and summary.

Formal administration

Formal administration is the traditional probate process, suitable for larger estates with more complex matters.

Summary administration

Summary administration is a simplified probate process applicable to smaller estates, where the distribution of assets is relatively straightforward.

The difference between formal and summary administration

Formal applies to large and/or complicated estates, while summary is simple and smaller. Understanding the distinctions between formal and summary administration can help you choose the right attorney for your circumstances.

Role of a probate lawyer

A skilled probate attorney plays a vital role, offering legal advice, representation, and assistance in all aspects of estate administration.

Probate Process

The probate process can vary depending on whether there is a will or not.

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When there is a will

When there is a will in place, the probate process involves validating the will, appointing an executor, and distributing assets according to the testator’s wishes.

When there isn’t a will

When there is no will, the probate process follows intestacy laws, determining the rightful beneficiaries of the estate.

Preparation for probate

Proper preparation for probate can streamline the process and ensure your wishes are carried out as intended.

Developing an estate plan

An estate plan, including a valid will and other essential documents, is crucial for effective estate administration.

Preparing documents for probate

Gathering and organizing all necessary documents are vital steps in the probate process. A probate lawyer can guide you through this process.

Choosing an executor

Selecting a trustworthy and capable executor is essential, as they will be responsible for managing the estate through probate.

Estate administration

During estate administration, several key steps must be followed:

1. Gather assets

Identifying and collecting all assets within the estate is critical for a smooth probate process.

2. Pay debts and expenses

Clearing outstanding debts and paying necessary expenses is an essential part of probate administration.

3. Distribute assets

After settling debts and expenses, the remaining assets can be distributed to beneficiaries according to the will or intestacy laws.

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