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How much does it cost to hire a medical malpractice lawyer?

At, we connect you with medical malpractice attorneys who often work on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, you only pay if they successfully recover compensation for your injury.

What should I do after experiencing malpractice?

Experiencing medical malpractice can be overwhelming. Taking these crucial steps can protect your rights and pave the way for seeking compensation:

1. Switch providers by asking for a referral

If you suspect malpractice, seeking a second opinion from a different medical provider can help validate your concerns and ensure proper care moving forward.

2. Obtain a copy of your medical records

Obtaining a comprehensive copy of your medical records is vital for building a strong case with the help of a medical malpractice attorney.

3. Meet with a medical malpractice attorney

Consulting an experienced medical malpractice attorney is essential to assess the viability of your case and explore legal options.

4. Report the incident to the appropriate licensing boards

Filing a complaint with the relevant licensing boards can hold the negligent healthcare professional accountable for their actions.

5. Manage your condition carefully

Following proper medical advice and managing your condition carefully can mitigate further harm and strengthen your claim.

What are the different types of medical malpractice?

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Medical malpractice can take various forms, including:


A misdiagnosis or incorrect diagnosis can lead to severe consequences, delaying necessary treatment and causing harm.

Delayed diagnosis

A delayed diagnosis can worsen a patient’s condition, leading to preventable complications.

Negligent failure to treat

Failure to provide timely and appropriate treatment can result in avoidable harm to the patient.

Surgical malpractice

Errors during surgery, such as wrong-site surgery or surgical instruments left inside the patient, can constitute medical malpractice.

Birth injuries

Injuries to the mother or newborn during childbirth may be attributed to medical malpractice.

Poor follow-up/aftercare

Neglecting proper follow-up care can lead to worsened medical conditions or complications.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Statutes of limitations governing medical malpractice claims vary by state. Don’t wait; connect with an attorney from our directory to ensure timely filing.

What kinds of damages can I claim in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Compensation in medical malpractice cases may include:

Economic damages

Economic damages can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses resulting from malpractice.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages address pain, suffering, emotional distress, and impact on the quality of life.

Who’s liable for my injury?

Various medical professionals and entities may be held liable for medical malpractice:


The attending physician responsible for the patient’s care may be liable for malpractice.


Negligence by nursing staff may lead to malpractice claims.


Errors during anesthesia administration can have severe consequences.

Physician assistant

Physician assistants involved in patient care may also be held accountable.


Pharmacist errors in dispensing medication can lead to malpractice claims.

Medical device manufacturer or distributor

Defective medical devices can cause harm, resulting in liability for the manufacturer or distributor.

Laboratory technician

Mistakes in laboratory test results can constitute malpractice.


Hospitals may be held liable for the actions of their staff and the quality of care provided.

Medical facility

Other medical facilities involved in patient care may also be held accountable.

How medical malpractice lawyers prove malpractice

A skilled medical malpractice attorney uses their expertise and resources to gather evidence, consult experts, and build a strong case on your behalf.

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