7 ways to prove your injuries are catastrophic and deserve full compensation

7 ways to prove your injuries are catastrophic and deserve full compensation

Imagine a truck hitting your car as you’re driving to work. Your car ends up in a ditch, trapping you inside.

Few things are more frightening than a car accident. Accidents scare us because they cause fear and uncertainty, and they can leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed. Even if we’re not directly involved in an accident, the mere threat can be enough to make us feel anxious. This anxiety can last for weeks or even months afterward.

The good news is that you can recover compensation for these injuries. Even better news is that you’re not alone in the process. Our Griffin Durham – Georgia catastrophic injury attorney will work closely with you to protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

1. Ask Your Doctor to Provide A Written Report

If you were in a car crash, your doctor will be the first person to take care of your injuries. However, suppose your injury is catastrophic and requires a settlement to be paid out by an insurance company. In that case, that’s where the lawyer will help you prove that your injury was catastrophic and needs compensation. In order to give yourself the best chance of a full recovery, it’s a good idea to request a written report from your doctor that includes:

  1. A description of how long you can expect to be disabled.
  2. A description of how much time it’ll take for you to heal.
  3. A schedule of all upcoming medical visits is required.
  4. Any medications or treatments things could become necessary in the future.
  5. How long will it take before you are fully functional again?

2. Take Photos Of Your Injuries Right Away

Immediate action is crucial in these situations. You may be too late if you wait to take pictures of your injuries until the next day. But before you deal with those awful photos, make sure you get help from a professional first.

You might get access to legal aid from a union or insurance company, or a lawyer could represent you for free. There are many ways that lawyers can help prove that an accident is catastrophic; this includes testifying in court and drafting legal documents (e.g., offer letters). 

Here are six ways lawyers can help prove that your injuries are catastrophic:

  1. Get a medical expert to examine the victim’s injury.
  2. Take photos of the injuries.
  3. Have an expert witness testify on behalf of the victim.
  4. Get a lawyer to draft and file papers with courts and other organizations.
  5. Share your story by writing about it on social media.
  6. Collect evidence on the accident scene such as alcohol consumption, physical evidence, etc

3. Take Note of Any Symptoms You Experience Immediately After The Accident

If you were involved in a car accident, it’s important to take immediate note of your injuries. Some symptoms may not appear instantly, but could take days or weeks to manifest. Therefore, obtaining medical attention as soon as possible is always advisable following an accident.

Moreover, if you are involved in a car accident, it is important to note any symptoms immediately afterward, even if they seem minor. Often, people don’t realize they get injuries until days or even weeks after the accident. Therefore, avoiding caution and trying to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident is always best.

4. Get An Injury Lawyer As Soon As Possible After The Accident.

If your injuries are critical or very serious, there’s a good chance that pursuing legal action could lead to hefty medical bills. It may be more cost-effective rather than a lawsuit.

A lawyer will also help ensure that any accidents in the future have been taken care of so that they don’t cause further damage to your life. If you want to feel secure after an accident, it’s best to hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

5. Speak With An Insurance Adjuster Immediately

If you suffered a serious injury, you need an attorney who knows how and has the experience to handle these types of claims. You’ll need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the insurance process and to prove that your injuries are so severe they could or will change your life.

The most important aspect here is to speak with an insurance adjuster as soon as possible after your incident. The adjuster must persuade the accident was catastrophic and caused lasting damage to obtain medical attention and compensation. As time passes, it becomes complicated for the adjuster to understand what kind of injuries you have sustained, and if they aren’t clear enough, you might not receive any compensation.

6. Keep Track Of Hours Spent In Activity Following The Accident

The important thing to do after an accident is to get the help of a lawyer. You need legal support for the insurance claim, four medical bills, and negotiation with the truck driver’s company. These are reasons why it makes sense to hire a lawyer. First, you should keep track of all hours spent in action following the accident.

An example would be if someone had injuries in a car accident and needed nine hours of care from a doctor or hospital. They could ensure that they recorded their hours by keeping track of how long they visited their office or hospital. This way, they have irrefutable proof that they did not work those hours and proof of how much time they spent on medical care throughout that day.

7. Ask for A Letter From Your Employer Verifying Time Lost At Work Following An Accident.

Employers typically provide a letter confirming how much time the employee has lost to the injury after an accident. This letter is crucial because it documents the period spent away from work while you were recovering and can lessen your stress while attempting to demonstrate the seriousness of your ailments. 

Additionally, your employer may also be able to provide medical documentation supporting your claims that you were injured in a catastrophic event resulting in total disability. These are just one way lawyers can help prove that your injuries are “catastrophic” so you can receive compensation for them.


A lawyer can support you in determining the extent of your injury. Medical bills, hospital records, and photographs can help you determine the extent of your injury. They can analyze these documents to determine what is true and what cover-up can create. The amount that a lawyer could recover depends on how many of these things are true and how severe your injury is. 

In addition, a lawyer considers the severity of your injury to assess whether they could receive a large sum of money from the other party’s insurance company. All in all, it’s important for injured people to contact a Griffin Durham – Georgia catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible.