Top 8 questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in Denver

Top 8 questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in Denver

You might feel rushed to hire an attorney after being in an accident, but it’s crucial to take some time and find the right lawyer for your needs. With injuries and damages varying from person to person, it’s imperative to work with a trustworthy, experienced Zaner Harden Law – Denver personal injury lawyer with experience in cases similar to yours. 

But how do you know if an attorney is trustworthy and experienced? One of the best ways is to simply ask them questions. 

Let’s take a look at the most important questions you should ask before hiring a lawyer. Call Zaner Harden Law at (720) 613-9706 when you’re ready to discuss your case.

1. What is your experience in personal injury law?

The important thing to do when choosing a personal injury attorney is to find out how long they’ve been practicing law. If they have years of experience, they can provide better legal advice on your case’s best course of action.

However, it’s important to consider other factors. Just because an attorney has ample experience doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for you and your case. If you find the attorney’s experience satisfactory, ask them the following questions to help confirm that you’ve made the right choice.

2. What’s your experience with cases like mine?

The important question you should ask an attorney is whether they have any experience with cases like yours. The more experience a lawyer has with cases like yours, the better resources they can rely on, and the greater your chances of securing full compensation.

3. What is your success rate with injury cases?

You want the best possible chance for a successful outcome when you get injured in an accident. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to evaluate your potential lawyer’s ability to win cases. Not every attorney will win every case, but you do want to work with one who can consistently deliver results.

Of course, many factors can affect the outcome of any given case, so it’s hard to say definitively what a truly “successful” personal injury lawyer looks like. That being said, your attorney should absolutely be able to show you their results. If it looks like they’re unable to deliver consistent results, you might consider looking elsewhere.

4. How would you handle my case?

It’s important to ask your injury lawyer how they will likely handle your case. Here are two things to consider when asking this question: 

  • The lawyer’s experience.

You want to ensure that the lawyer you’re working with has experience in personal injury law. It will give them a better understanding of what you’re going through and how to best help you.

  • The firm’s resources.

Ask about the size of the firm and whether or not they have the resources to investigate and prosecute your case properly.

5. What are my chances of winning the case?

It is a tough question, as different personal injury attorneys will have different success rates. However, you can use the Personal Injury Lawyers Directory to find a suitable attorney in your area who has experience with car accidents and other personal injuries. 

Moreover, to better understand your case’s chances, call the office ahead of time and ask for an initial consultation fee. It will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for legal representation. Asking these questions before hiring a Denver personal injury lawyer can ensure you get quality advice and representation.

6. How much will it cost me to hire you?

You may feel uncomfortable asking this question, but the fact is, it’s probably the most important aspect of your case. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they won’t get paid – and you won’t owe anything – unless they win the case. Zaner Harden is no different, which means you can focus on recovery while we work hard on your case.

7. What are the next steps if I hire you?

The decision to engage a personal injury attorney is never an easy one. It would help if you were sure you had all the information before making this decision. Once you decide to hire a personal injury attorney, you should go through the process of filling out their questionnaire. It will give them a better and more understanding of your case and what your goals are for it. They can then review your options if your case goes to trial. 

Moreover, they can offer other solutions like settling or mediation if the trial is not something you want. Depending on your case’s complexity and how much time has passed since your incident, some attorneys may charge more than others. 

8. How can I ensure I have the best chance of winning my case?

The best way to ensure you have a winning case is to be truthful and honest with your injury attorney. The more accurate information you will provide, the better your chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer will estimate how much you can expect in damages on a case-by-case basis, but that should not be your only concern. 

Many cases don’t go to court because it is deemed unnecessary, and most people seek compensation for their troubles. However, an attorney needs to know about any previous injuries or health issues that may change how your case plays out. Besides, if your circumstances are unique, a lawyer needs to know about them as they could ultimately affect your case. 

You can trust the skilled attorneys at Zaner Harden Law 

It’s important to ask the right questions when searching for an attorney. These questions will help you determine if the attorney is a good fit for your case. Hiring a Denver personal injury lawyer is a big decision, especially if you’ve never hired legal counsel.

So it’s important to know what to ask to make an educated decision. When meeting with a personal injury attorney, ask about their experience. Moreover, by asking these above-stated questions, you will better understand whether the attorney is a good fit for you and your case.