When to Hire an Attorney after a Car Accident

Whether you’ve never been in a car wreck or you seem to attract them like a magnet, dealing with the aftermath is always a stressful experience. You may be dealing with damage to your car, severe injuries and other issues. Calling a lawyer to talk about your legal options after a collision may be the last thing on your mind.

In some cases, you don’t need to get an attorney involved in your case. However, if you aren’t sure if you need to hire an Atlanta car accident attorney, it never hurts to give one a call. Personal injury attorneys usually offer free consultations to determine if you have a case or not. During that consultation, they will review the details of your collision and provide legal advice for your unique situation.

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When You Probably Don’t Need a Lawyer

The majority of car accidents are minor fender benders or rear-end collisions at low speeds. These often result in minor vehicle damage and few to no injuries. In these instances, you may be able to get the compensation you deserve by working directly with the insurance company. After all, you’ll likely just need compensation for the damage to your car.

Of course, you should never, ever assume you aren’t injured. Even the seemingly most minor accident can result in broken bones, whiplash, concussions and other injuries. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible after you’ve been in a collision, especially if you feel any pain, dizziness or numbness.

When You Need to Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

While it’s always a good idea to get a free consultation from a lawyer after a car accident, even if it was a minor one, you should definitely talk to an attorney if your wreck resulted in major damage, serious injury or even death. In these instances, you may be entitled to high levels of compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line and profits more than your well-being. That’s why it’s crucial you speak to an experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta if you’ve been in a collision, and the insurance company is trying to lowball you on the compensation.

Call an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Before Accepting the Settlement Offer

If you’ve been in a wreck, you’ll probably receive a settlement offer from the insurance company. Once you accept this offer, you forfeit your right to seek further compensation. So before accepting it, you should get a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer in Georgia.

Your settlement offer will be just one detail that will be reviewed during your free consultation. Your lawyer will determine whether or not they can get you greater compensation and, if so, what the next steps are. Use LawyerUp’s online contact form to speak with an Atlanta car accident attorney today.