Injured in a car accident?

If you have been injured after a traumatic accident, you deserve the compensation for medical bills, pain & suffering, and loss of income. Contact a top-rated buford car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An award winning auto accident attorney can help. If you do retain a lawyer, no attorey fees are due unless your case is won. Its 100% free to get a free consultation with attorneys.

Contact one of the attorneys below to ensure your legal proceedings get started off on the right foot. An attorney will be able to go over the details of your car accident, determine the viability of your case, help you with valuable advice and get you into a doctor, all at no costs to you.

Many thousands of people travel through Buford every week to shop, work, play, or go home to their families. Nearly every day, car accidents occur in Buford. Some of these accidents result in serious injuries and even death. According to data gathered by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Gwinnett County where Buford is primarily located endured just under 40,000 car accidents in 2017. 13,535 injuries were inflicted during these crashes, and 66 people tragically lost their lives.

Most tragic of all, many of the fatal accidents involved negligent decisions that contributed to the crash. Twenty-four incidents involved alcohol use and 16 involved speeding drivers.

If you are caught in an accident that was the result of another driver’s negligence and receive injuries, know that you can file an injury claim with the help of a Buford car accident attorney to seek recovery of your related expenses. If the driver admits fault or is found to be negligent in a court of law, they or their liability insurance company must pay for all of the damages that resulted from the accident.

Common damages claimed after a car accident injury include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disfigurement or disability.

You can seek compensation for all of these damages with the help of a Buford car accident lawyer. They will assist you with filing the claim, including negotiating with insurers on your behalf and filing all of the need paperwork. Your lawyer can also assist you with assembling the documentation needed to prove your medical costs and other expenses.

Receive a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your possible claim when you contact us online or give us a call today. You will review your case details with an experienced Buford car accident lawyer and possibly take the first steps towards filing a claim and moving on with your life.

Why Working With a Buford Car Accident Attorney Can Help Your Claim

Handling a car accident injury claim on your own can be tough, and many insurers rely on claimants without legal knowledge making mistakes. One common mistake is to accept the first settlement you are offered in exchange for waiving your right to a lawsuit. Many times, this initial settlement offer is far lower than the total likely value of your claim. It may not fully account for your future expenses, or it may leave off fair compensation for things like the income you lost as a result of not being able to work.

A Buford personal injury attorney will help you calculate a fair estimate that accounts for the full extent of your losses — past and present. Your car accident attorney in Buford will also negotiate with insurers on your behalf, helping you avoid answering questions that could reduce your claim or put the liability of their policyholder into question.

In the event that you cannot come to an agreement with the insurance company or defendant in question, your lawyer can also help you file a lawsuit in order to seek adequate compensation through the court system.

An attorney will guide you through every step of the claims process. You can reduce your own stress and the responsibilities you are forced to undertake. Having Buford car accident lawyers represent you is like having a confidant and defender of your legal rights in one. They can assemble the needed documentation and prepare your claim for possible refutations of liability that it may face.

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Every car accident case is unique, and every client deserves individualized attention. Work with attorneys who listen to your needs and respond to your challenges in order to help you claim the maximum amount of compensation while giving your claim the maximum chances of success.

You can start the process of establishing negligence, estimating your full damages, and pursuing a strong claim against all liable parties when you reach out to Buford auto accident attorneys today.

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