Home to what was one of the most important railroad stops in the state, historic Norcross, GA remains a crossroads for Atlanta traffic. The city also plays home to major businesses, and even serves as the location of the Waffle House corporate headquarters. With a prime location near Atlanta and a peaceful reputation, Norcross provides a strong draw for those looking to live outside the city.

All of these traffic sources put countless vehicles on Norcross’s roads every day, raising the chances of being in a serious car accident that can result in a major, costly injury.

Statistics from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reveal that Gwinnett County, where Norcross is located, experienced nearly 40,000 car accidents in 2017. These accidents led to 13,535 injuries and 66 fatalities. Most tragic of all, many of the accidents were caused by poor decisions, including 24 attributable to alcohol use and 16 related to speeding.

When a driver makes a bad decision that results in an accident and serious injuries, that driver could potentially be held liable for the costs of treating those injuries as well as other losses. By filing a car accident injury claim, car accident victims can seek the compensation they need to pay for their medical bills, their lost income, their related expenses, and any suffering they might have endured.

If you have been hurt in a collision in Norcross, you can turn to a Norcross car accident lawyer who can help you file your claim. With the assistance of an attorney, you can seek a settlement from third-party liability insurers. If your claim is not honored, you may even pursue a lawsuit and subsequent trial so that you can recover your damages and seek the justice you deserve.

Anyone who has been hurt in a car crash can call a car accident attorney in Norcross right now to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. They can learn the best strategy for their case and how to avoid common mistakes that reduce their ability to receive a settlement.

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How a Norcross Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

When you have been injured in a car crash, you have the option to pursue an injury claim from any drivers who are liable for those injuries. First, you must prove that a driver was at-fault for the accident and that they are responsible for the injuries you have sustained as well as their related costs.

By working with Norcross car accident attorneys, you can build a strong case that establishes the liability of any at-fault drivers while accurately assessing the full costs of your injury — past and future. Your injury lawyer will offer a strategy that maximizes your chances of successfully recovering compensation without overlooking common damages people neglect.

Insurance companies know that injury victims often don’t have the knowledge they need to pursue a strong claim alone, so they can tend to offer inadequate settlements or try to argue that their policyholder wasn’t liable for the accident. They may also dispute the costs of your injury, such as alleging that certain treatments were not necessary or that certain injuries existed before your accident.

Don’t be strong-armed by insurers or defendants. Put a Norcross injury attorney in your corner who is willing to fight for your legal rights and seek all of the compensation you need to fully recover after your major accident.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney in Norcross Today

Your injury claim can include compensation for medical bills, related out-of-pocket expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and more. An attorney can help you document 100% of your applicable expenses and build a strong case that establishes negligence and, thereby, the liability of other drivers involved.

Too often, injury victims miss out on opportunities to document all of their expenses and argue for a fair settlement. Let Norcross car accident lawyers fight on your side so that you can attempt to prove another party’s negligence and recover the money you lost as a result of your tragic accident.

You can receive a free consultation to learn more about what your injury claim might be worth when you contact us online. Make your appointment, and start on a path that could put your financial status back on track after your crash.