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Arguably Georgia’s best hidden gem and home to thousands of happy families, Suwanee is a great place to live, work, or play. There’s no need to speculate about it, either, considering that the city was declared one of the best places in the country to raise a family by both Kiplinger and Family Circle magazine.

While Suwanee is a safe place for people of all ages, its roads can be as dangerous as any other town in America. According to Gwinnett County car accident statistics from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the area saw just under 40,000 car accidents in 2017, which resulted in 13,535 injuries and 66 tragic deaths. A number of these car accidents were caused in part by driver neglect, including 66 that involved alcohol and 16 that involved speeding.

When a driver makes a mistake on the road that leads to a car accident injury, they may be held liable for the costs of that injury according to the principal of negligence liability. Injury victims could be eligible for a settlement or court award that includes compensation for their medical costs, pain and suffering, related expenses, lost wages, and other financial setbacks.

If you have been hurt in a collision in Suwanee, know that you can seek out Suwanee car accident lawyers to represent your injury claim. By working with a car accident attorney in Suwanee, you can learn about the maximum claim you might be eligible for as well as a legal strategy to increase that claim’s chances of success.

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Why Your Injury Claim Can Benefit From a Suwanee Car Accident Lawyer

After your car accident, you may be approached by third-party liability insurance companies regarding a potential injury claim. Chances are, you will be early on in your medical treatment for your injuries and have scant information available to project the full costs over time. You may, therefore, think that a settlement offer from the insurer is adequate — perhaps even generous — and be inclined to accept so that your stress can be over.

Unfortunately, such a settlement offer may be far below what your claim is actually worth! Car accident injuries can be devastating, and many accdidents result in permanent disability or disfigurement. What’s more, serious injuries may take many months to recover from, requiring extensive rehabilitation, prescription medications, and possibly even surgery.

When you work with a Suwanee car accident lawyer, you have an experienced legal strategist on your side who has seen their fair share of car crash injuries. They will use their knowledge, expertise, and past experience to accurately project the full costs of your injury. They will also document the expenses you have incurred and use them to assemble an accurate assessment of your damages, past and future.

In some injury cases, an insurer or defendant may even allege that they are not at fault or that you share some percentage of fault for your own injuries. Having an attorney means that you can strategize and possibly counteract these arguments, establishing the negligence of the defendant and increasing the chances of recovering damages. If need be, your attorney will turn your claim into a lawsuit and proceed to a trial in order to get you the money you need to recoup your losses.

Proving Negligence After a Suwanee Car Accident

Not every person involved in an accident will be deemed liable for the injuries it causes. First, the injury victims must prove that the driver was somehow negligent and how that negligence directly caused their injury and subsequent damages.

Possible types of driver negligence include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring stop signs
  • Erratic or reckless behavior
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failing to yield
  • Following too closely

Not all of these allegations are easy to prove without the aid of a Suwanee car accident attorney. Even when someone receives fines for their driving at the scene of the accident, a defendant or their insurer can allege that they were not the true cause of the accident. In some cases, they may also try to diminish the value of your medical bills damages by alleging that your injuries are not as serious as they claim to be.

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You do not have to face these risks alone. A car crash injury lawyer in Suwanee can take up your case, negotiate with insurers, file the necessary paperwork, document evidence of your expenses, and fulfill other necessary tasks to establish negligence and give your claim the maximum chances of success.

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