With great schools, award-winning businesses, and a glowing community spirit, Lilburn is home to many families and hardworking individuals, including Hawks player and NBA Hall of Fame inductee Dominique Wilkins.

Located along highway 29, the city is also a major corridor for those going to and from Atlanta. Accordingly, a number of major car accident happen in the area just about every day. Some of these accidents cause serious injuries that require hospitalization, surgery, and other procedures that generate large medical bills.

According to data from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the county of Gwinnett where Lilburn is located had 39,970 wrecks occur in 2017, causing 13,535 injuries and 66 fatalities. 24 of these accidents were related to alcohol use and 16 involved speeding, illustrating how some accidents could have been avoided had drivers made smarter decisions.

In an accident where a driver is at fault, the resulting injuries may be eligible for a claim on their third-party liability insurance. Such a claim can pay for not just the cost of medical bills but also any lost income as a result of missing work from the injury as well as related out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Injury victims have the option of working with a Lilburn car accident lawyer who is experienced in working cases that involve injury claims. An attorney can represent you when negotiating with insurers, and they can handle all of the paperwork aspects of your case.

Most importantly, a car accident lawyer in Lilburn will know the evidence and legal arguments needed to give your claim the highest possible chances of success. They can document all of your medical expenses and counteract common defenses used to reduce your claim or avoid liability for your damages.

If you have been hurt in a recent car accident and want to know how you can cover your resulting costs, you can contact a knowledgeable Lilburn personal injury lawyer to learn the next steps you can take to pursue a claim.

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How Insurers May Try to Trick You Into Accepting a Lower Settlement Without a Lilburn Car Accident Lawyer

When you get in an accident with a driver who may be liable, their liability car insurance carrier may contact you to ask you questions and proceed with your claim. While the representative you talk to may be friendly and professional, keep in mind that they do not work for you. They work for the policyholder they represent, and they also work for everyone invested in their operation. As a result, they will try to minimize the potential claim they offer any way they can.

One method to reduce claim values is to hit inexperienced injury victims with a settlement offer that sounds large but that inaccurately assesses the true costs of their injury and related damages over the long term. Without knowledge of how much it costs to fully treat an injury or what peripheral damages you may be entitled to, such as lost wages, you may think that your settlement offer is more than inadequate. Then, only later you may realize that your expenses keep piling up and that your settlement is not enough to pay the difference.

Another method insurers may use is disputing the extent of your injury or the costs of treating it. For instance, if you have received treatment for back pain in the past and include back pain as part of your injury symptoms, the defendant’s insurance company may allege that your back pain actually stems from a pre-existing condition not related to the accident. Thereby, they may try to reduce the damages and medical bills compensation associated with that condition.

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All of these tactics can easily overwhelm someone who was just hurt in an accident and who just wants their troubles to be over. They may accept a low settlement offer or capitulate to the insurer’s demands that they leave certain expenses off their claim. Worst of all, they may be tricked into making statements that reduce the other driver’s liability, reducing their own claim in the process.

A Lilburn injury attorney will be familiar with all of these tactics, and they will help you formulate a legal strategy that avoids the most common pitfalls that can reduce an injury claim’s chances of success. With your attorney’s guidance, you can estimate the full costs of your accident-related damages while also documenting your medical costs and establishing the negligent actions of the allegedly at-fault driver.

Fight for your right to demand fair compensation for your injuries by contacting a Lilburn car accident lawyer today. You will receive a free, no-obligation consultation packed with advice on how you can handle your injury claim to maximize its chances of success.