Car accidents happen just about every day in Marietta, leading to significant injury costs. Injury victims may be forced to pay enormous out-of-pocket costs or face skyrocketing insurance premiums if they were not able to create a strong liability claim against all at-fault drivers.

Personal injury lawyers in Marietta can help injury victims immensely in these situations. Through their lawyer’s guidance and legal expertise, victims can pursue a strong car accident injury claim backed by evidence.

A successful injury claim can help car accident victims recover the total damages of their accident, past and future. Common damages obtained after a Marietta car accident include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, incidental expenses, pain and suffering, and any permanent disfigurement or disability.

If you have been injured in a Marietta car accident, know that you have the right to pursue such a claim with the help of a skilled auto accident lawyer. Take the first step towards exploring your potential claim now by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with a Marietta car accident lawyer today.

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Car Accident Statistics and History in Marietta

Since the 19th century, Marietta has been an active hub of business activity and travel. The city was originally intended to serve as the hub for the Western and Atlantic Railroad before plans moved it to Atlanta in 1842.

Nevertheless, as the largest city in Cobb County and as a major thoroughfare for the Atlanta area, Marietta is and always has been an active community full of residents and business owners. According to DOT studies, major interchanges near Marietta see as many as 37,000 vehicles a day.

All of this traffic can create conditions for serious accidents to occur. In 2016 alone, Cobb County experienced nearly 35,000 accidents, causing 8,470 injuries and 59 tragic deaths. Many of these accidents were the result of driver negligence, including 19 drivers who were speeding and 18 who were driving under the influence of alcohol.

When your car accident in Marietta was the result of another driver’s negligent decisions, you may be eligible for compensation from third-party liability insurers. You can file a personal injury claim to seek damages to pay for your medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other avoidable losses.

Having an attorney at your side can increase your chances of putting forth an effective case. Your lawyer will negotiate with insurers and others on your behalf. Since they are familiar with all of the tactics an insurer might use to reduce your claim’s value — such as putting out a “lowball” settlement offer that ignores projected future costs — your lawyer can help you seek a larger claim that fairly pays for the full cost of your injuries and related damages.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Marietta

With so much traffic driving to, from, and through the city of Marietta, opportunities for major accidents abound. The most common types of Marietta car accidents you might see include:


  • Rear-end collisions — Drivers who hit another car from the rear are highly likely to be determined at-fault for the collision and resulting damages
  • Reckless driving — Aggressive maneuvers, speeding, and ignoring the rules of the road can all make accidents far more likely
  • T-bone accidents — T-bone accidents occur most often when drivers turn in front of oncoming traffic or attempt to run red lights
  • Truck accidents — Marietta truck accidents are extremely common since the city acts as a major corridor for Atlanta. These crashes are often major, leading to serious injuries or death
  • Head on collisions — Usually, the worst and most serious of accidents, a head-on collision is likely to require hospitalization and may result in permanent disability or even death.


Work With an Experienced Marietta Car Accident Attorney

Your life and health are worth the effort it takes to seek out the best strategy for your injury claim.

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Marietta where you believe or know another driver was at fault, you may have grounds to seek a personal injury settlement or, if need be, a lawsuit in order to recover the full extent of your damages.

Contact a Marietta car accident lawyer now to schedule your very own case review. Each case deserves individual attention, so we are ready to provide the services and knowledge needed to help give your claim the maximum chances of success.