Whether you’re headed to work or going out to Fouche Gap, car accidents can happen any time and any place in Rome, GA. With four different colleges and universities in the area, young drivers are always on the roads, and they may not be paying as much attention as they should. Combine that with traffic around the Rome Braves stadium, and getting around the city can be downright dangerous.

If you’re involved in a car wreck on Martha Berry, Turner McCall or anywhere else in Rome, you have legal rights. One such right is the ability to seek compensation if you’re injured. The insurance company will hope you don’t know that you can seek further compensation. That’s why they will most likely send a lowball settlement offer, in hopes that you’ll accept it.

Once you accept that settlement offer, you give up your right to seek more compensation. So before you accept it, get in touch with an auto accident attorney in Rome. They can review your offer and the details of your case, and help you decide what your best options are.

Common Injuries After a Car Accident in Rome

Depending on the type of car accident you’re in, there are a variety of different injuries you could suffer. You may think some of these injuries are too minor to get a Rome car accident lawyer involved, but even seemingly minor injuries can have devastating effects.

Because your first consultation is always free, it never hurts to speak with a lawyer after a car accident, no matter how minor you think your injuries are.

1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are some of the most common injuries car accident victims suffer. These are injuries to the connective tissue in your body, such as ligaments, tendons and muscles. You might strain or tear a muscle, or you could sprain a ligament.

The most common soft tissue injury after a car accident in Rome is whiplash. This is a strain of the muscles and tendons in the upper back and neck after sudden movement of the head. You may experience pain, dizziness and other issues after you suffer whiplash.

2. Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises

You may have objects on your car that fly around during a car wreck, causing bruises and cuts. In some instances, glass may shatter, and those shards can cause deep cuts. No matter the cause, cuts, scrapes and bruises are common but seemingly minor injuries that occur after a collision.

However, they should not go untreated. Cuts and scrapes can easily become infected, and deep cuts can lead to major blood loss. In addition, bruising can be indicative of internal bleeding. Never assume minor injuries don’t need attention.

3. Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a common injury after a car accident, and they are often serious. There are two types of TBIs: open and closed. Open TBIs are exceedingly rare, especially after a crash. They involve an object penetrating or otherwise opening the skull.

Closed TBIs, on the other hand, are much more common. Also called concussions, closed TBIs are divided into three grades: mild, moderate and severe. Mild concussions usually don’t require further medical attention, but moderate and severe ones do. If you think you have suffered a concussion, always get evaluated by a medical professional.

4. Broken Bones and Chest and Face Injuries

Depending on the type of car accident, you may suffer broken bones. These are especially common in T-bone accidents, but can also occur during rear-end collisions as well. They may also be caused by your airbag deploying, especially if your lifted your arms to shield your face.

Similarly, a deployed airbag could cause injury to your face and chest. Airbags deploy with a lot of pressure behind them, which can easily cause bruising or broken bones in the chest and face. In addition, a car accident can cause internal injuries in your chest, such as a punctured lung.

Speak with a Rome Car Accident Lawyer Today

Never assume you can’t get compensation after a car accident just because you were partially at fault. In Georgia, if you’re found to be 49% at fault or less, you can recover compensation. While that judgment can only be made by the courts, an experienced auto accident attorney in Rome can evaluate your case and make the case for your right to compensation on your behalf.

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