As the seat of Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville is a heavily-populated area that, at times, seems like it wasn’t intended to be the home of so many people. There are a few different roads and intersections throughout the city that can be confusing, and of course, the surrounding highways get very congested during rush hour.

With so many drivers in and around Lawrenceville, car accidents are a daily occurrence. Some are minor fender benders, while others are more serious T-bone or rollover collisions. No matter the type of wreck, every car accident can result in severe injuries and property damage. You may be left with medical bills and other expenses you simply don’t have the ability to pay.

If you are involved in a car wreck and get injured, you have legal rights. A Lawrenceville car accident lawyer can help you get the full compensation you deserve. This goes beyond whatever settlement offer you receive from your insurance provider. In fact, they will likely send you a low offer in the hopes that you’ll accept it.

Before accepting any settlement offer from the insurance company, be sure to speak with an auto accident attorney in Lawrenceville. They will review the details of your case, including the type of wreck you were in, to determine whether they can get you greater compensation.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Lawrenceville

Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons. However, there are some types of collisions that are much more common than others. While some of these types of wrecks may seem minor, they should each be treated as if they were severe. That means calling 9-1-1 after the collision and seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

1. Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are far and away the most common type of car accident in Lawrenceville. They often happen in traffic when one driver is following too closely to another, or when they aren’t paying attention when traffic stops in front of them. They can also happen at intersections when one driver doesn’t realize they’re approaching stopped traffic at a red light or stop sign.

Depending at what speed this type of collision happens, injuries can range from minor to severe. You may suffer from whiplash, head injuries, broken bones and more. You can avoid causing a rear-end collision by leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, and paying attention when you drive.

2. Low-Speed Collisions

How many times have you been backing out of a parking space, only to have to slam on the brakes because a car drove behind you without you seeing them? This is the most common cause of low-speed collisions. Parking lot accidents usually aren’t too serious, but they can cause whiplash and, if nothing else, and afternoon of frustration.

If you’re driving around a parking lot, do so slowly, and pay attention to any cars whose brake or reverse lights are on. If you’re pulling out of your parking spot, don’t rely on just your rear-view camera. Look around before pulling out, and do so slowly. Better yet, reverse into your parking spot so you can easily see any cross traffic when you pull out.

3. Side Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions are split into two categories: T-bones and sideswipes. T-bone collisions are generally the more serious of the two. This occurs when the front of one car hits the side of another. These collisions often happen at intersections and can lead to devastating injuries, especially if it causes the second car to roll over.

Sideswipe collisions, on the other hand, happen with the side of one car hits the side of another. These often happen on multi-lane roads when one vehicle doesn’t maintain their lane. Depending on the speed at which the wreck happened, it could cause at least one of the cars to roll over or veer off the road.

4. Single-Vehicle Accidents

Finally, single-vehicle accidents happen when a driver hits a stationary item, like a parked car, a tree or a utility pole. These accidents can be especially dangerous because they often involve young, inexperienced drivers who are driving too fast. They may also happen when a car hydroplanes or a driver otherwise loses control of their vehicle.

The easiest way to avoid this kind of accident is to drive at speeds safe for road conditions. For instance, if there’s heavy rain, it would be safer to drive slower to avoid hydroplaning or losing control of your vehicle.

Speak with an Auto Accident Attorney in Lawrenceville Today

If you’ve been in any kind of car accident in Gwinnett County, especially one that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Though your insurance company may send you a settlement offer, it may not even begin to cover your expenses.

Before accepting any settlement offer, get in touch with a qualified Lawrenceville car accident lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation. During your initial consultation, your attorney will review the details of your case and present you will all of your legal options.