Home to some of the most popular shopping centers and businesses in Gwinnett County, Duluth’s roads are constantly clogged with locals and visitors alike. With so much traffic on the roads, car accidents are a common sight. Whether impatient drivers speed through a red light and T-bone another vehicle or rear-end another car because they weren’t paying attention, collisions can cause serious injuries.

If you’re involved in a car accident, you may find yourself surrounded by medical bills and other expenses that you have no idea how you’ll pay. Your health insurance may pick up some of the costs, but you’ll most likely need a good settlement from your auto insurance company to cover all of your expenses.

Unfortunately, auto insurance companies are businesses first and foremost. That means they’re looking out for their profit margins more than your wellbeing. That means they will likely send you a lowball settlement offer, no matter how serious your injuries.

That’s why it’s important to speak to an experienced Duluth car accident lawyer to determine how much compensation you’re entitled to before you accept any kind of settlement offer from the insurance company. They will review the details of your case, including the injuries you sustained, and help you figure out your legal options.

The Most Common Types of Injuries from Car Accidents in Duluth

Car accidents can lead to any number of different types of injury. Some are exceedingly rare, while others may happen in even the most minor collision. It’s important to know what the most common types of injury are after a car accident in Duluth so you know what kind of medical treatment you may need after a wreck.

1. Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you hit your head on the steering wheel, a window or other part of the car after a wreck, you may sustain a closed traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion. Concussions are classified as mild, moderate or severe. Generally, mild concussions don’t require additional medical assistance. However, you should always see a doctor just to make sure you don’t have a more serious injury.

In rare instances, you may suffer an open traumatic brain injury. This occurs when an object penetrates the skull, causing damage to the brain. For instance, a sharp object hanging from your rearview mirror may penetrate your skull. These kinds of injuries always require immediate medical attention.

2. Chest and Face Injuries

When an airbag deploys after a car accident, it may hit the driver’s chest or face. While they are life-saving devices, airbags can cause serious bruising and broken bones in the chest or face. It’s important to have these kinds of injuries evaluated to ensure there’s no deeper damage, such as broken ribs penetrating internal organs.

Seat belts can also cause chest injuries when they lock up during a car accident. Though seat belts can cause bruising and even broken ribs, they should always be worn. The benefits far outweigh the risk. For instance, without a seat belt, you may be thrown out of the windshield in the event of a collision.

3. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are any that affect the connective tissues in your body, such as the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. You may strain a back muscle, or you could tear a tendon in your arm. These injuries often require little more than rest and heat or cold to heal, but a doctor may be able to prescribe other treatments to expedite your recovery.

Perhaps the most common soft tissue injury after a car accident is whiplash. This occurs when your head suddenly snaps back and/or forward, straining the connective tissues in your neck and upper back. Whiplash is usually treated with rest and ice, but your doctor may prescribe painkillers, a neck collar, and other treatment options.

4. Arm and Leg Injuries

Depending on the nature of your car accident in Duluth, you may suffer bruises or even broken bones in your legs and arms. For instance, if you are in a T-bone collision, your car door may crumple on your arm and leg, causing serious injury. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need to seek immediate medical attention.

Some wrecks may also cause your knees to slam into the dashboard or, if you’re in the backseat, into the seat in front of you. This can cause severe leg injuries, especially if you have a pre-existing leg injury. You may be unable to walk as you’re recovering, leaving you unable to work.

5. Cuts and Scrapes

Even the most minor car accident can leave you with scapes and cuts. Objects in your car may fly around, cutting up your body. In some collisions, your windows may shatter, causing glass to cut you up. Even your airbag deploying may cause cuts and scrapes.  

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may not need much medical attention at all. However, if you are cut deeply, you may lose a lot of blood and need stitches. It’s always important to have any sort of seemingly minor injury evaluated at the site of the accident.

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Duluth Today

If you’ve been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Your insurance provider will likely send you a settlement offer, and the moment you accept it, you give up your opportunity to seek further compensation.

So before you accept any settlement offer, speak with an experienced Duluth car accident attorney about your wreck. During your free consultation, they’ll evaluate the details of your case and help you determine your legal rights.